Greendale Historic & Folk Art Chimney Tours

Guided Walking Tours

Fall Tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am and 2:00pm.
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Guided Group Bus Tours

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If you visit by tour bus or have a large group we offer Greendale Historic and Folk Art Chimney Tours. A knowledgeable guide will share Greendale’s unique history. You’ll see the “original” homes that were built during the 1930’s Roosevelt Administration’s New Deal. You will gaze up at the stucco chimneys to discover a feature that FDR’s city planners would not have imagined – the folk art of Al Emmons and family.

A plasterer by trade, Emmons added chimney art to his repertoire in the mid-1980s, and the rest, as they say, is now part of Greendale’s history. Over 200 of Emmons’ sculptures now dot Greendale’s downtown chimneys, and the variety is as diverse as the streets and homeowners themselves.

Apricots hang on Apricot Court chimneys, azaleas bloom on Azalea Court chimneys, berries ripen on Berry Court, and naturally, Bucky Badger stands sentinel on Badger Court. Other sculptures reflect the homeowners on a more personal level.

Two Brewer fans, a couple married at Miller Park, sport a ball and glove logo on their chimney; a film director displays an old camera projector on his; while a woman of faith offers praise with a crucifix, held by the Hand of God. Whether a lover of country, a beach comber, a bird watcher, or UW grad, each chimney has its own story, and you will discover them on your chimney tour.

100’s of Decorated Greendale Original Home Chimneys! Each has a story! Call us at 414-562-6666 to schedule a Historic Greendale Original Home Chimney Tour. Guided bus tours and full day packages available. Greendale is a beautiful place to spend the day! More information on Greendale here.

Greendale Historic Folk Art Chimney ToursOne hour guided Tour of Historic Village of Greendale. Hear the unique  history of the Village and the stories behind the one-of-a-kind Folk Art Chimneys.
Greendale Historic Folk Art Chimney Tours and Sundae Bar at Ferch's Malt ShoppeAfter the Chimney Tour, relax at  Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grille, a charming old fashioned soda fountain restaurant and enjoy a “make your own” custard sundae.

Greendale Historic Folk Art Chimney Tours and lunch at Ferch's Malt ShoppeAfter the Chimney Tour, relax with lunch at Ferch’s Malt Shoppe and Grille. a charming old fashioned soda fountain restaurant. Enjoy Assorted Wraps, fresh fruit, chips and a soft drink.
Summer Evening Greendale Historic Folk Art Chimney ToursTake an evening Tour (after 5pm and before 8pm).After the tour treat yourself to one of Downtown Greendale’s five fabulous eateries or wine bar. 

Proceeds generated from the Chimney Tour will support the Love Thy Neighbor Foundation, a resource designed to empower senior citizens to stay in their own homes.